21 Routes
50.0 km

WOII Airborne Route

Operatie Market Garden was bedoeld om een versneld einde te maken aan de Tweede Wereldoorlog. De regio Arnhem en het Rijk van Nijmegen speelden daarin een belangrijke rol. Op 17 september begon daar “De slag…

71.1 km

The fight for the Veluwe

After five years of occupation, the Netherlands was liberated in 1945. A lot happened in the Veluwe during the war years. On this route, you cycle along various historical locations that were central to the liberation of the Veluwe by the Canadian army.

52.0 km

The well-hidden route

Cycle over the Beekhuizerzand sand-drift dunes, through woodland and heathland towards Vierhouten.

Liberation Route Arnhem

There was a lot of fighting in the Arnhem-Wageningen area during the Second World War. The failed Allied operation Market Garden cost thousands of lives in September 1944.

44.0 km

Liberation route Heumen & Mook

The Liberation Route Europe gives you an impression of what happened in 1944 and 1945 in Noord-Brabant and Gelderland.

42.0 km

Liberation Route Nijmegen

The Second World War did not pass unnoticed by Nijmegen and its surroundings. The city itself was liberated in September 1944 during the Allied Operation Market Garden.

59.2 km

Military Heritage

Military personnel and the Veluwe have been inseparable for at least one hundred and fifty years. Go back in time and cycle along the places that remind you of the military on the Veluwe.

45.9 km

Sky of Hope Remembrance Route

The Sky of Hope Remembrance Route WO2 takes you past more than 20 Second World War memorials.

48.3 km

Fietsroute langs Wijchense Oorlogsherinneringen

75 jaar geleden lag Gelderland van 17 september 1944 tot en met 5 mei 1945 in de frontlinie tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog in Nederland. Deze fietsroute brengt je langs verschillende historische locaties in Wijchen en…

34.4 km

Liberation Route Montferland

This route passes a Liberation Route Europe location, the route that the Allies took when liberating Northern and Eastern Netherlands.

5.6 km

Storytelling route Holthurnsche Hof

On the way, you will encounter everything that has to do with the rich history of the area, both from Roman times and the Second World War.

4.0 km

Southern perimeter route

The perimeter walk largely follows the frontline of the Allied bridgehead in September 1944.