On Saturday 11th of April 2020, it is exactly 75 years ago that Operation Cannonshot started at the river IJssel near Wilp. Operation Cannonshot is the code name for crossing the river Ijssel between Gorssel and Wilp by the Canadian allied. This successful operation marked the beginning of the liberation of the Veluwe and the western part of the Netherlands. 75 years later, on April 11 2020, the day is dedicated to the remembrance of this operation and celebrating freedom. Recreation area Bussloo is the beautiful scenery for exhibitions of military vehicles, re-enactment groups and films and documentaries.

The event area of Recreation area Bussloo, in the middle of the cities of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen, will be all about experiencing, realizing and celebrating this important operation. For example, a campsite is being set up with historic military vehicles. Go back in time and imagine yourself in a military camp 75 years ago by the different re-enactment groups. The owners of the vehicles can tell visitors everything about the vehicles, their military camp and displays.

In addition to the military camp and re-enactment camp, a market has been set up with various organizations that present themselves. Think of the Archaeological Society Voorst, who take visitors back in time by giving presentations and lectures about the war and the liberation. Also collectors of materials from the period ’40 -’45 like to tell you about their beautiful collection. You can also watch a film from Operation Cannonshot while enjoying a snack or a drink. In addition, there are activities for the children to give them an unforgettable day.

The highlight of the event is the demo of the amphibious vehicles. They will go into the water of the recreational lake and show you how they do it. Throughout the day there will be various demo´s of original amphibious vehicles from the ´40s. This is a unique event, so make sure you are in!

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