Stumbling stones (Stolpersteine) walk
On Wednesday 8 April & Entree (collaboration with UVV, library Nijkerk & Sigma), together with Museum Nijkerk and the Rehobothschool, are organizing a special wheelchair walk. Under the guidance of a museum guide and with the help of primary school students we will visit a number of special monuments.
These stumbling stones, also called stolpersteine, are stones of ten by ten centimeters with a brass plate. On the stone you will find the name, date of birth and place / year where the person in question was murdered or died. By sharing the names of the victims, they will be brought back into the memory of the community. In Nijkerk, Jewish fellow citizens and resistance fighters are commemorated. In many other cities, especially in Germany but also in other European countries, these monuments also occur, and their number, now more than 70,000, is still increasing. The stones are usually laid by the German artist himself, Gunther Demnig.
The walk ends with a simple lunch.

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  • Suitable for children
  • Accessible for disabled people
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