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Exactly 75 years ago, from 17 September 1944 to 5 May 1945, Gelderland was at the frontline of the Second World War in the Netherlands. With a programme full of exhibitions, shows and parachute jumps, liberation festivals, commemorations and other events, we will commemorate the war and celebrate 75 years of living in freedom in Gelderland.

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Experience ‘Gelderland Remembers’ at the following events

12 Mar - 31 Dec

Escape Room WO-II: Drukkerij

In our educational Escape Room you have an hour to solve all riddles and crack the codes. A piece of Nijmegen history comes to life in this unique experience.

11 Apr - 31 Aug

Fototentoonstelling Gevlucht

Parallel between then en now

17 Apr - 27 Oct

Tentoonstelling Het Netwerk

A new view on the Resistance network that operated around the Battle of Arnhem

1 May - 1 Oct

Bezoek de Oude Kerk in Oosterbeek

Opening hours and guided tours, the commemorations in September

4 - 6 May

Slag om Otterloo wandelroute

Experience the Battle of Otterloo through a walk

Market Garden Fietsroute

Experience Market Garden via these beautiful cycling routes

4 Jul - 19 Sep

Muziek vanaf de Eusebiustoren

A series of seven carillon concerts from the tower of the Eusebius Church

9 Jul - 31 Dec

75 bijzondere Sunset Marches

9 Jul - 30 Dec

Sunset March

Every night at sunset, as the streetlights turn on, a military veteran walks the Sunset March at the Oversteek Bridge in Nijmegen. All who are interested can walk along with the "Veteran of the Day".

23 Jul - 31 May

Veilig oord in oorlogstijd. Evacués en Monty’s mannen op Neerbosch

1 Aug - 31 Dec

‘De Vergeten Executie’ – Audiotour

Audio tour through Sonsbeek park about 'The Forgotten Execution' during WWII.

13 Aug - 10 Apr

Escaperoom Universiteit in Verzet

14 Aug - 31 Dec

Airborne stories Arnhem luistertour app

Download the app and take a walk through Arnhem.

21 - 24 Aug

Wings of Freedom

Multiple activities on the ground and, as major highlight, our Wings of Freedom Airshow on the 24th of August. On this day we will create a temporary airfield, just like it was done in 1944.

21 - 25 Aug

Schilder mee aan de kunstwand!

Paint along on the 100-meter-long artwork at Arnhem Central Station.

21 Aug

Slag om Arnhem | 75 jaar na dato

Citytour Battle of Arnhem

23 Aug

Fliegerhorst Deelen/Airwar 40-45

Daytour around former Luftwaffe airbase Deelen

24 Aug

Slag om Arnhem Stadswandeling

Join us on this 2.5-hour city walk with a local guide through Arnhem.

Gelderland Remembers - 75 Years of Freedom

Operation Market Garden

A bridge too far

The year is1944, and the war is raging at full force. During Operation Market Garden, tens of thousands of Allied paratroopers land in occupied territory and a ground army advances from the Belgian border. The…

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Frontline period

Frontline period


Persecution of the Jews

Operation Veritable

Operation Veritable



Gelderland Remembers Routes

50.6 km

Water als Wapen - Rindern

In October 1944 the German troops decide to flood a large part of the Dutch-German border area to avert an attack from the Allies.

41.6 km

Water as a Weapon – Driel

In October 1944 the German troops decide to flood a large part of the Dutch-German border area to avert an attack from the Allies.

6.1 km

In the surroundings of the liberation Museum

The village of Groesbeek played a crucial role in the liberation of the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in 1944. In this last year of the war, the Allies and the occupier fought hard here.

4.0 km

Southern perimeter route

The perimeter walk largely follows the frontline of the Allied bridgehead in September 1944.

34.4 km


This route passes a Liberation Route Europe location, the route that the Allies took when liberating Northern and Eastern Netherlands.

8.0 km

Freedom Trail Arnhem

The Battle of Arnhem was part of Operation Market Garden. With this operation, the Allies wanted to conquer the bridges over several Dutch waterways. The route has a total length of approximately 8 km.

52.0 km

The well-hidden route

Cycle over the Beekhuizerzand sand-drift dunes, through woodland and heathland towards Vierhouten.

71.1 km

The fight for the Veluwe

After five years of occupation, the Netherlands was liberated in 1945. A lot happened in the Veluwe during the war years. On this route, you cycle along various historical locations that were central to the liberation of the Veluwe by the Canadian army.

5.6 km

Storytelling route Holthurnsche Hof

On the way, you will encounter everything that has to do with the rich history of the area, both from Roman times and the Second World War.

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